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Product Details

Cultivator Spring Loaded 9 Tine Tiller

Spring Loaded 9 Tine Tiller
Overall Width 86 inches (218.4 cms)
Overall Height 39 inches (99.1 cms)
Overall Farm 190 kg
Working Width 80 inches ( 203.2 cms)
Frame Clearance 15 inches (38.1 cms)

Product Description

This Tiller is available with 7 to 17 tines, which are mounted in tow rows one behind the other at center distance of 9". Each tine is mounted with two strong coil springs which allow the tine to ride over obstruction in the soil without the inconvenience of stopping the work to clear the obstacle, thus making it suitable for use in stone and root obstructed soil. The Tiller is fitted with reversible shovels. These Tiller is light in weight and extremely hard and earth-wearing because more than 65% pf parts are made of specials steel duly hardened & tempered. The implement is suitable for preparing seed bed quickly and economically because it can loosen the soil to a dept of nine inched eliminates the use of the plough. In the Tool Bar holes are provided at 1" intervals. This enables both front and rear tines to be spaced as desired for either row crop or general cultivation work. Seeding attachment can be fitted on the Tiller as two nuts are welded in the rear Tool Bar.